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// Coffee 2016 Play

Animation made during AnimSquad course. The assignment were focusing on pantomime without dialogue, with only one character.
Music made by PYM.

// Autodesk Maya

// Dialogue 2011 Play

Assignment, which was taken place during Anomalia course in the Czech Republic.

// Autodesk Maya

// Diary 2013 Play

Everybody is struggling with different problems. A young woman is trying to find her own path in life, she has to make her own decision about her future.
More details...

// Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Soundbooth

The story, which can happen to everybody: once we are happy, but sometimes we are struggling with different obstacles in our life. Life is in our hands and only us can decide what to do next...
This short animated movie is made entyrely by me - from the beginning (the plot, storyboard, concept art, animatik) till the end. I had to model characters, built rigs, lightings, scenes, animates, render and edit.
© 2016 Beata Parczewska