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// Santal (Soaps)

Packagings made for 4 different soaps and musses (mint, coal, honey and oat, natural).
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// Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Simple and modern logo SANTAL goes together with a collage of different patterns inspired from the Alhambra and Marocco style.
Mockup for packinging taken from //
Natural soapMint soapHoney soapCoal soapMuss allAll packagins

// Octopus stickers

Design of Octopus stickers. Work as a freelancer.
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// Adobe Illustrator

Octopus stickersOctopus stickers

// Digital painting

Digital paining.
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// Adobe Illustrator

Light purpleAlhambra

// Invitation to IFFA Play

Invitation to IFFA 2016 - Nomax Group.
Stop motion animation. Pre-production (animatic), production (animation) and post-production (cleaning).

// Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop

// The life corridor

Picture work.
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// Adobe Photoshop

The life corridorThe life corridor
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